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Best Of Michael Jackson
Best Of - Anthology
Blood On The Dance Floor
HIStory Past Present & Future
Motown Early Classics
Off The Wall
Rockin' Robin


Billie Jean
Blood On The Dance Floor Pt.2
Don't stop ('til you get enough)
Private Talks 1
Private Talks 2
Remember The Time
Stranger In Moscow
They Don't Care About Us
You Are Not Alone


History Bk1
History II*

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Books on Michael

The King of Pop By L. Campbell
Black Americans of Achievement By N. Huggins
The King of Pop's Darkest Hours By L. Campbell
The Visual Documentary By A. Grant
Music's Living Legend (Reaching for the Stars) By R. Wallner
The Magic and the Madness By J. Taraborrelli

For the full list of books on Michael fill out this "Search by subject" form with our man's name. Thanks. fairyjo

Book by Michael


Some MJ fan pages

Michael's Wonderland
Sara *
The Michael Jackson Collector Page
Olivier ***
Sandra ***
Enter - Give Into Me
Gavin **
Mishra ***
Michael J@ckson On Line
Geebrill **
The Michael Jackson World Network
The world loves you, Michael
2bad Art Images Inc.
Mark ***
The Total Experience
Sven ***
Mind is the Magic
Atte ***
The King of Pop's Majestic Kingdom
Pamjj ***
Begin journey to HIStory
Joey Boy **
Michael Jackson Multimedia Archive
MMienik *
In the Closet
Jill ***
MJ Brace yoursef
Kati *
Michael Jackson Headquarters
Amanda ***
Who is he really ?
BM Morrison ***
/!\ very long to load
Scream FM
Silei *
Pictures of the Tours
Ruud *
Jackson Lounge Underground
blacktimberwolf *
We love U most
The Ultimate Michael Jackson Webpage
mjjsan *
The King Of Pop Website
Nick *
The Jackson Family
Schwepps & Angela **
Remember The Times
Fredrick ***
The Dance
P. Vandelooi **
Michael Jackson History
unknown yet
MJ : Master of our generation
Giggle *
Michael & Lisa
ANGEL Michael
Liberian Girl ***
Fan in the Mirror
Jan ***
MJ in the Mirror
Ketzaly **
Magic... Mystic... MJ World
Samantha *
Jackson Family Music Site
Expressions from the Fans
Who is it ?
Meca27 ***
The King's Carnival
Airwalk75 **
The greatest dancer & singer in the HIStory
NukŠnguak Mikaelsen**
Michael Jackson "Naughty" Page
Jeannette *
Planet Michael
Sister J ***
Manu *
MJ Park
Shahzaib **
doo-doo's private page
doodoo ***
Michael Jackson Collectables
Murat Sulu
Michael Jackson Art Club
Lan Xing ***
Jamie ***
Andreas Reventlas ***
MJFC 3 Generations (aussi en français)
Maestro **

The stars are of my opinion, I do not mean to offend anyone. If you want to be added here, please e-mail me your name, the URL and how you want your page to be called (have some imagination please). Thanks. fairyjo

as I see him

pullH In Michael I see a ghost and an angel.

To me Michael is almost untouchable, so far from his fans and public. I understand he doesn't like crowd bathing (too Dangerous) but I don't hear much about him inviting fans for a day in Neverland or giving an interview or even make a live performance on a TV show. Maybe it's because I live in Switzerland but maybe he just does too much and is so tired. That's his ghost side.

His angel side is so different and I like it better too. There is his charity "Heal The World" and his visits to children hospitals. He loves children because they represent our future and I agree completely. Do you see him flying over our heads, watching over us like a mum would do? He loves us too.

Please, leave me a message in my guestbook before you leave; tell me your thoughts on the site for example.

Hey! Wow! Did you buy his new album yet? INVINCIBLE that's what he is, right? I was one of the first in my town to buy it. The album was announced with a classic white and grey cover and I was surprised to see 5 different color covers. I bought the classic one, but I would have liked all five, wouldn't you? Well have fun listening to this ever waited album and love it as I do.

Michael we love you ;-)

My pictures

These are the pictures I've collected, I hope you like them. I do not take credit for any of them. Scroll down for more pictures on 3 other pages.
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crowd enlighted

portrait smile portrait2

statue lion gorgeous mjstand

press1 press2

pose backlight




Wanna see more ? [ Prince M. Jr | On Stage | Videos ]
Meet MJ's pet : little moose Kop: born August 6th 1998

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E-mail me if you know where I can find:
- a picture of Michael in "Captain EO",
- one of Michael, Debbie, Prince and Paris,
- others you'd like to see on this site.
Thanx for your help.fairyjo

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