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Information page

More info about my experience

You need a photographer?

You just found her!

You are going to celebrate an important event in your life, in a friend's life or in your firm, and you want to keep it as a lasting souvenir. I am here for you.

Into photography since 1992, it is by far my favourite activity. I entered many competitions and I organise my own photo sessions so that I can always improve my work and my style. I was even proposed to make my own exhibition, but I did not find the time to do one yet.

My camera is usually loaded with a black and white roll, but I like shooting in color too and the quality of my work is the same.

You can visit my gallery to get an idea of my work. If you need to know more contact me via email or phone at this number +41 (0)76 533 2127. I live in Switzerland in the area of Neuchatel but I'm ready to follow you, even abroad.